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Brooklyn Heights & Dumbo homes for sale

About Brooklyn Heights & Dumbo

The most proximate neighborhoods to Manhattan have made both Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo sought after areas in Brooklyn. Both steeped in history but with unique and different architectural heritages of their own, both offer luxury cosmopolitan lifestyles. Brooklyn Heights to the south of the Brooklyn Bridge is a beautiful Brownstone row-house neighborhood dating back to 1834. In 1965 the Brooklyn Heights Historic District became the first of its kind in New York City and saved it from unregulated development. These coveted properties are part of New York’s best preserved collection of 19th Century architecture. The neighborhood is bordered by Old Fulton Street on the north, Cadman Plaza West on its east, Atlantic Avenue on the south, and the East River to the west.

DUMBO is an acronym for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, and was originally a waterfront, industrial manufacturing area. Similar to Soho and Tribeca in Manhattan, these factory lofts with cobblestone streets attracted artists in the 1980s, and grew steadily by way of tasteful adaptive reuse and new luxury development. The Dumbo Historic District was established in 2007 to help preserve the charter of the area. It stands as mixed-use residential and creative office community today. Dumbo is home to 25 percent of New York City-based tech firms, the highest concentration by neighborhood in the city. It features an exquisite adaptation of the old Brooklyn waterfront as an 85-acre, green-space called Brooklyn Bridge Park, which links Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. These two neighborhoods complement each other with style and grace. With its waterfront restaurants, green space, athletic fields, and spectacular views of Manhattan. It has become a popular tourist destination for visitors who stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge from Lower Manhattan.