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Holding true to the statement that “The Dutch named everything in New York then left” local farmers referred to the area as Cobble Hill after a conical shaped hill called “Cobleshill”, located near the current intersection of Atlantic Avenue, Pacific, and Court Streets. Cobble Hill benefits by its highly desirable adjacent location to Brooklyn Heights. It was designated as a Landmarked Historic District in 1969 making it one of the first in the city to receive such distinction. Manhattanites flocked here in the 1980s in search of townhouse living. Like its Carroll Gardens neighbor to the South, a predominant Italian-American population throughout the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries has left a lasting impression with Italian bakeries, restaurants, and cafes that are still in operation today. The 1980s film Moonstruck, which was filmed at a now closed bakery at Sackett & Henry Street, also helped gain fame for this beloved and quaint neighborhood. Cobble Hill is a small, quiet, 40 block neighborhood, that sits adjacent to Brooklyn Heights on the north, Boerum Hill to the east, south to Carroll Gardens to, and the Columbia Street Waterfront District to the west.