How the Comitini Team sells your home

Selling your home takes great client service, mega-marketing, and strategic pricing. The diagram below shows how our process works from a view at 10,000 feet— invoking interest, leading to showings, then offers, and finally sold! The Comitini Team orchestrates it all to get you the highest price possible. We count on an exceptional execution and attention to the details to delight our clients. We are grateful for the repeat business and loyalty they have shown over the past 20 years. We’d love to count you among them too.


Client service: It starts with your initial listing consultation, and continues with ongoing advice, communication about progress, listening to the market, delivering feedback from showings, interpreting digital metrics, and working with prospective buyers. We are your closers with the single focus of selling your home. The Comitini Team has decades of experience in setting the right conditions to showcase your home, follow-up, invoke offers, and get your deal done. Did I mention we are closers?

Mega-Marketing: The Comitini Team is where real estate agency meets advertising agency, with bespoke creative solutions that attract buyers with digital, social, video, virtual real estate experiences with real creative direction, and design. We shine brightest when we make your home stand out from the din of boilerplate brokerage advertising. We will create a memorable campaign for your property that gains exceptional interest and gets buyers in the door to see your home both virtually and in-person. More on that below.


Strategic Pricing: The graph above explains why accurate pricing is so important early in a listing’s lifecycle. When we launch your property, there are buyers who have already been out looking for a while who want to check yours out. Peak activity will happen within the first two weeks of launch, if priced correctly. This is our best opportunity to close a deal. Overpricing is the single biggest reason a listing looses its momentum, languishes on the market, and eventually takes even more painful price reductions. We don’t believe that is the experience our clients want. We deliver accurate pricing recommendations based on real-time sales data and having boots on the ground everyday. The Comitini Team is committed to getting you the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.