Should you stage it?

Yes. As with most worthwhile endeavors, there is no replacement for solid preparation. Staging is to selling your home, what being well dressed is to a job interview. You want to look well put together, but also let people imagine what their lives might look like in your home.

Done right, staging highlights your home’s best features and downplays any flaws. It makes the home look better in photos too which is imperative in today’s online marketing. First impressions count and there is ample evidence suggesting that staging a home will make it sell faster and at a higher price. But it comes with a cost. Is it really worth it? In many cases yes, but that is a matter open for discussion.

  • Is your home vacant or are you living in it?
  • Overwhelmed by a growing family and big plastic toys?
  • Is it cluttered with family photos or religious articles?
  • Could your space “flow” better and be brighter?
  • When was the last time you painted?
  • How can we brighten your space?
  • Is it an estate sale?

Those are just a few of our considerations. Reality TV shows emphasize staging and renovations as if selling real estate is primarily an interior design exercise because they are in the business of telling stories not selling homes. This is not the case. Staging is visual merchandising, like store windows. It is simply another marketing tool to consider to get your home sold at the best price. But it comes with a cost. Is it really worth it? In many cases yes, but that is a matter open for discussion.

Vacant Home?

In-house staging: 345 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn— Our expert Kerry Sullivan staged this wonderful pre-war apartment. We recommend and offer a variety of staging solutions to fit your budget.

We will almost always ask you to at least consider physically staging an empty home. It gives visitors a sense of scale and will actually make your home feel larger to potential buyers. Look at these before and after photos of the living room below. Which would you be willing to pay more for? Your home will sell quicker and higher if it is staged.The expert organizers and stagers we refer will manage the entire process. If the idea of full-on staging doesn’t sound workable we can stage it virtually to at least give an impression of your home’s potential for the purpose of listing photography that doesn’t show an empty apartment, virtual staging offers a photorealistic version that we can often include without charge. One small tradeoff is that virtually staged listing photos need to be clearly marked as such. We have a solution for every budget.

Before and after: The living room at 345 Montgomery Street

There is rarely a time when the stakes are higher than when selling your single most valuable asset. For almost two decades now, Peter’s team has consistently ranked in the top 1% of company agents nationally. Because when real estate agency meets advertising agency, you stand out in the marketplace; selling higher and faster. We reach a huge, global audience for your listing with marketing that is superior and has real impact on your bottom line. Learn more about the Comitini Team’s difference by booking a free, no obligation consultation with me over Zoom using the button below, and download our free guide to selling your home too.

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